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Deck Repair in Perry, OH

Deck Repair in Perry, Ohio

Expert Deck Repair in Perry from 1918 Preservation

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You want to entertain guests on your deck this summer, but you haven’t kept up with maintenance. Not to worry, 1918 Preservation has you covered! We are proud to offer expert deck repair in Perry, Ohio and the surrounding areas. 

No matter what repairs you need, we’ll make sure your deck is perfectly comfortable, functional, and suited to your needs. If you’re looking for a quality deck repair, reach out to 1918 Preservation LLC today.

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Deck Cleaning Services

Before your deck can be resealed or refinished, it must first be cleaned. Our team will remove all debris and dirt from your deck’s surface and between the boards. One of the ways we handle deck cleaning is by using a power washer. This will deep clean and remove bacteria that can cause wood rot.

Deck Sealing

After cleaning off your deck, we will seal it so it will be protected. If left untreated and unsealed, your deck is at a higher risk of decomposition when it’s exposed to moisture. We’ll ensure that all of your bolts and screws are fastened and that all your boards are secure. After this check, we will evenly apply the sealant to all boards. 

Deck Restoration

In the event that your deck needs more than a refinishing, we will handle removal and replacement of any boards that have been worn down or have split, cracked, or warped. 

Wood Rot Repair

If your deck was not properly stained, it may be at risk for serious issues. One of these issues is wood rot. Take a look at your boards. Are any of them discolored? If so, you most likely have wood rot caused by prolonged water exposure. If the rotted wood stays on your deck long enough, the damaged wood can crack or split, causing dangerous splintering or gaps. 

Board Gaps

A common issue many homeowners face in the years after building their deck is warped wood. When your boards warp, it can create gaps on your deck. This is a problem with a very simple solution: call 1918 Preservation! We will replace your warped boards with brand new ones and make your deck in Perry, Ohio look just as good as the day you first installed it.

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