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The last thing to consider when determining the correct beam spacing is the angle of the surface plates. As a rule of thumb, most decks require 16″ of space in the center bar, which means there’s 16″ from the center of one beam to the other. When laying the boards at an angle of 45 degrees to the frame, you need to shorten the span. Before you install any type of decking, you need a firm, level surface to work where your deck frame is used.

Answering the question: How far apart should deck joists be?

Table R507.7 of the International Residential Code provides further insight into the maximum beam spacing requirements for decking boards.

Can deck beams be 24 inches in the middle?

Your deck calculations, plans and designs will be easier if you plan your deck with this in mind. In addition, many composite decking materials require 12 or even 10 on the middle stringers to support composite stair treads. Most composite decking materials, such as Trex composite decking, require a maximum beam spacing for composite decking of 16 on the center distance for straight decking and 12 on the center beam spacing for diagonal decking boards at an angle of 45 degrees. The number of individual planks depends on the size and type of decking you choose and the amount of space you want to leave between the decking boards.

The minimum size of the beam for deck building depends on the number of foundations and beams to be installed.Can deck beams be 24 inches in the middle?

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