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Junk Removal in Mentor, Ohio

Trust Us to Tear Down Your Walls

Schedule Your Junk Removal in Mentor, Ohio with us today!our professional demolition services in Perry, OH and Northeast Ohio

Looking to kick off your renovation project? Don’t try to do it yourself. Call 1918 Preservation LLC instead. Our expert team provides Perry, OH and Northeast Ohio homeowners with quality demolition services and junk removal services. We’ll work inside homes, sheds, barns, and wherever this is junk! Once we’re inside and ready to go, we’ll remove any walls, carpets, flooring and other general accessories.

Ready to get your project started right? Reserve your demolition service today by calling 216-240-5053.

Ditch Your Junk With Us. Professional Junk Removal in Mentor, Ohio

Got a bunch of trash that needs to be removed? Reach out today for a residential junk removal service. Our team will:

  • Come to your property and provide a detailed estimate
  • Clean out the junk you wanted to be removed
  • Leave a clean footprint
If you’re tired of a cluttered home or storage unit, secure your residential junk removal service today.
Demo and Junk Removal in Perry Ohio

Why you should get rid of your junk with us?

 There are many benefits to having a junk removal service. You gain a sense of peace of mind knowing that you don’t have to worry about your junk thanks to us.

Some of the other benefits of having a junk removal service include:

  • You save yourself time and money with a junk removal service. We are literally a phone call away from taking care of all your junk so that you can continue on your day doing what you want to do. 
  • Handling any safety risks and removing your chance of injury. Our professional team will take care of the removal to save you the trouble.
  • You get extra room in your home now that all the junk is gone. You have more space to do anything you want.
  • We can handle large scale jobs such as residental and commerical renovations.
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