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Pressure treated pine remains the most commonly used decking material, reports the Popular Mechanics website, but plastic composite decking has earned a growing percentage of the market — partly because homeowners believe these expensive alternatives could outlast real wood. Pressure treated wood is a great and economical option for decking. In particular, TimberTech polymer and capped composite decks were developed using an innovative technology that enables a highly durable and long-lasting decking board. The average life expectancy of a pressure-treated wooden deck is 15-20 years.

How long should a treated wooden deck last?

Remember that adding an extra layer of protection to your treated decks and other outdoor projects will increase the lifespan. Pressure treated wood also needs to be cleaned regularly. If you want a stained look, the stains must be reapplied as the sun bleaches the wood over time. Forest Products Laboratory and other research groups have confirmed with certainty that pressure-treated wood can last up to 40 years in dirt without rotting. This service life can be more or less depending on the type of wood for which the treated wooden posts are used, how well they are kept and the climatic conditions.

How long do pressure-treated decking boards last?

However, on closer inspection, a properly maintained pine deck withstands the exterior elements surprisingly well. With all the endless maintenance and inevitable deck replacement, traditional wood costs a lot of time in the long run. This step is ideal if the treated wood texture is new and prevents mold from growing on your wood. You will find pressure treated wood that is sold in different grades of wood, ranging from lowest to highest depending on the intended use.

A pressure-treated deck can last up to 50 years with regular maintenance such as annual sealing and pickling.

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