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Tips To Winter Deck Care in Ohio

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As winter descends upon Ohio, homeowners face the challenge of protecting their decks from the harsh winter elements. The frigid temperatures, snow, and ice can take a toll on your outdoor space if not properly cared for. In this guide, we’ll provide valuable tips for winter deck care in Ohio, addressing key concerns such as snow removal, the use of de-icing agents, and regular inspections. Ensuring the longevity and aesthetic appeal of your deck requires a proactive approach, and these tips will guide you through the winter months.

Tips To Winter Deck Care in Ohio

Make Sure to Clear Your Deck of Snow

Cleaning synthetic decks during winter requires careful consideration, with guidelines varying between decking products. For TimberTech Composite or Advanced PVC Decking, the following steps are recommended:

  • Remove Patio Furniture and Decor: Clear your deck of any items that can’t withstand cold weather and moisture.
  • Clear Debris: Remove accumulated debris, including leaves and sticks.
  • Ice Removal: If ice forms, use a calcium chloride product (not rock salt) for safe removal on capped polymer or capped composite decks.

While removing all snow is recommended to maintain the deck’s function and appearance, it’s not mandatory, as a properly installed TimberTech deck can withstand moisture and weight.

Do Not Use Salt

One common mistake during winter is the use of rock salt on decks. Rock salt absorbs moisture, affecting the natural contraction and expansion of wood, leading to corrosion and creating an environment conducive to decay. Instead, opt for natural products to melt snow, ensuring the longevity of your deck.
Traditional wooden decking is especially prone to erosion, especially with the use of ice melt. Although composite decking may have a higher upfront cost, it proves cost-effective over time due to minimal upkeep compared to traditional wood decking.

Use a Plastic Shovel

When clearing snow from your deck, the type of shovel you use matters. Metal shovels can damage both composite and wood decking. Always opt for a plastic shovel, and if possible, choose one with a protective rubber blade to prevent scratching. If the snow is powdery and fresh, a brush or leaf blower may be used to avoid scraping and potential damage to your deck.

Get an Inspection

A common misconception is treating your deck as a one-time investment. Regular inspections throughout the year, including winter, are essential. Look out for mold, mildew, and signs of wear and tear. Regular cleaning with oxygen bleach can prevent structural damage. Remove debris, such as leaves and trash, to prevent rot and standing water. Consistent checks should be carried out monthly, ensuring your deck remains in top condition.

Consider an annual varnish to enhance winter deck maintenance. Timing is crucial; wait until the end of summer when the wood has fully dried before applying a top coat. This helps protect the deck’s finish from moisture during winter.

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